XIE Dizhi, XU Shude, WU Qingyang, CHEN Fang, WANG Shuqi, YOU Cuihong, LI Yuanyou. Changes of visceral properties and digestive enzymes in the herbivorous marine teleost Siganus canaliculatus fed on different diets[J]. Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2018, 37(2): 85-93. doi: 10.1007/s13131-018-1165-9
Citation: XIE Dizhi, XU Shude, WU Qingyang, CHEN Fang, WANG Shuqi, YOU Cuihong, LI Yuanyou. Changes of visceral properties and digestive enzymes in the herbivorous marine teleost Siganus canaliculatus fed on different diets[J]. Acta Oceanologica Sinica, 2018, 37(2): 85-93. doi: 10.1007/s13131-018-1165-9

Changes of visceral properties and digestive enzymes in the herbivorous marine teleost Siganus canaliculatus fed on different diets

doi: 10.1007/s13131-018-1165-9
  • Received Date: 2016-07-04
  • Rev Recd Date: 2011-07-19
  • The rabbitfish Siganus canaliculatus is one of the few cultured herbivorous marine teleosts. To better understand the digestive physiology of this fish and provide data for designing formulated feed using macroalgae as an ingredient, the changes of visceral properties and digestive enzyme activities were investigated after the juveniles were fed on different types of food including raw fish (RF), formulated diet (FD) or macroalgae Enteromorpha prolifra (EP) and Gracilaria lemaneiformis (GL) for eight weeks. The results showed that the hepatosomatic and viscerosomatic indices in the RF and FD groups, as well as the relative intestine length (RIL) in the EP and GL groups, were significantly higher than those in other groups. Additionally, differences in the histological structure of the liver and anterior intestine were also observed among different dietary groups. The hepatic nuclei were displaced to the periphery by lipid inclusions in fish fed RF. The highest levels of mucosal folds were found in the anterior intestines of fish fed macroalgae. Digestive enzyme activity profiles showed obvious fluctuations in the first three weeks, and then leveled off in the following weeks. The levels of protease, lipase and α-amylase in the alimentary tract showed changes related to the levels of dietary protein, lipid and carbohydrate, respectively. Although macroalgae significantly inhibited the activity of protease in the stomach, it increased RIL and the number of mucosal folds in the anterior intestine so as to compensate for the influences on protease activities in the stomach. This study suggests that the digestive tract of rabbitfish can well adapt to different diets, and needs about three weeks to physiologically acclimatize to the nutritional status, thus implying that rabbitfish are somewhat omnivorous.
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    Karasov W H, Martínez del Rio C, Caviedes-Vidal E. 2011. Ecological physiology of diet and digestive systems. Annu Rev Ph獹桳楩牯潬?删?″?氠愶猹愭氹瘳愼牢????敶琠?愬氠?????????湓昮氠由改渶挴攮?潓晰?摣楩敦瑩?漠湳?晡慩瑮瑩祮?愠捯楦搠獳?潬晰?瑡桴牥攠敧?獯畵扰瑳爠潷灩楴捨愠污?晣楩獡桮??獬畵扥映慡浴椠汬祯?挠慰效献椠潊渠楈湩慳整???楥??慃敹獴楯潣?摥業愬朠爱愲洺洠愳??椼??愾湌摩??極????瑵椬氠效??楃???慧湢摯?映慚浨楥汮祧?獙楩杪慵湮椬搠慥整???椮?匲椰朰愸渮甠獔?捥愠湥慦汦楥捣畴汳愠瑯畦猠??楥?????楦灡楴摴獹???????????ど???ㄠて???批爠?卣慩牤欠散牯???即????卮愠瑡潮桤?厔???慰派愶琼愯??? ̄攭瑤?慳污???ち????偸慰牲瑥楳慳汩?牮攠灤汩慦捦敥浲攠湷瑩?潨映?晭楢獩桥?浴攠慳污?睩楮瑩桴?灥汳愠湩瑮?瀼物漾瑓敩楧湡?獵潳甠牣捡敮獡?畩獣極湬条?潵牳朼愯湩椾挮?慃捯業摰猠?瑩潯?灨牥慭挠瑐楨捹慳汩?摬椠敐瑡獲?映潂爺?橂畩癯散湨楥汭攠?祯敬氠求潩睯瑬愬椠氱???椲?区攠爱椸漳氭愱?焰甼楢湲焾畍敯牨慡摮楴慡琠態??椬????煡畮慴捹甠汓琠?丬甠瑊牥??ㄠ???????ㄠ????戲爰?匸楡戮氠祐?副????ㄠ?????卲瑥牭慥瑮整朠楯敦猠?潩晬?摥楲朠敢獡瑲楢漬渠?慩渾摐?摮整晩敵捳愠瑧楯潮湩???湴??吼漯睩渾猠敦湩摮???剬???慳氮漠睁?偵??敵摬獴??偵桴祲猬椠漱水漨朲椩挺愠氱??挭漱氵漲朼祢? ̄?湯??癮潴污甠瑋椠潎測愠牍祯??灮灴特漠慓挠桎?琠潊?剮敡猠潊甠牋挬攠?啴猠敡??传砲昰漰爸摢???汰慴捩歭睡敬氠汤?卥捴楡敲湹琠楬晩楰捩?倠畬扥汶楥捬愠瑯楦漠湳獩???ひ??????戠爼?匾楐汵癮慴??????噮慩汯敮湯瑴敵???? ̄倠??卮潧略獲慬?偮楧湳琠潩????敬瑡?慩汯???はㄠ????癴慨氬甠慮瑵楴潲湩?潮晴???呴??灴物潯摮甠捡敮摤?獤敩慧睥敳整摩獢???楴??爠慭捵楳汣慬牥椠慮??楬????楡?偩潤爠灣桯祮牴慥??椠???愠湤摩??楳?啩汶癥愠??楺???愠獡?摴楩敶瑩慴特礮?楁湱杵牡散摵楬整渠瑎獵?楲測?丱椴氨攴?琺椠氳愵瀰椭愳???楢?伾牎敡潫捡桧牡潷浡椠獈?渠椱氹漹琷椮挠畅獦??楣??????橩略癴敡湲楹氠敡獬???映景敮挠瑩獭?潲湯?来牭潥睮瑴栠?灦攠牬晩潰物浤愠湭捥整?慢湯摬?杳畭琠?桮椠獦瑩潳汨漮朠祂?????瀠灐汨?偲桭祡捣潯汴?????????ㄩ???????????摲漾楎??ち??ぷち??猬ㄠか????ち???こ??????批牡?卡琠敔攮搠洱愹游?????????????汕捬楶慡渠?扥污畬攠???印??慭?湮整睡?獩瑯慮椠湯?映潬物?浩畤挠業湥??兢????業挠牯潦猠换?卡捣楫?????????????????扡牮?卨瑯数癡敧湲獵???????畧浥敬??????ㄨ??????潲洩瀮愠牁慱瑵楡癣敵?側桵祲獥椬漠氶漲木礲?漺映?琰根攭?嘲攱爼瑢敲戾牐慡瑮攠??楱杩敮獧琬椠癗敡?卧礠獋瑥數浩???愠洱戹爹椷搮朠敔??唠????慲浩扭牥楮摴条敬?啳湴極癤敩牥獳椠瑯祮?偡牣整獩獶?扴物?味愠捯潦渠?????????愠獥慮湺???删???整瑨楥愠湬???????????敮浡慥湵摳?慣湨摩?獥畮灳灩汳礼?潩显?映敊敯摵?楮湡杬爠敯摦椠敆湩瑳獨?晲潩牥?映慯牦洠敃摨?普楡猠栨?慮渠摃?捩牮略獳瑥愩挬攠愲渱猨????伲?昭椳猱格敢牲椾敐獡?愦渣搲″愳焻畳愭捓畩汥瑲畲牡攠?琬攠捄桵湲楡捺慯氠?瀬愠灐敯牮?湥漠???????删潡浬攮?′??伲?戠牐?呲畴物???????楯扴楡汬漠湲楥??????卥畮牴攠摯慦????敨瑭?慡汬?????????楲敹琠慢特礭?獲潯畤牵捣整猠?潥晡?漠浩敮朠慤???晳愠瑦瑯祲?慪捵楶摥獮??灥甠扲污楩据?桯敷愠汴瑲桯?牴椠猨欼獩 ̄慏湮摣?扲敨湹敮晣楨瑵獳???牫楩瑳???乩甾琩爠??????卥????卦???却???戠牦?噴慴汹攠湡瑣敩?????偯???牵慳????ぴ?橳潳?????慤琠楴獨瑥愠?卩??攠瑲?慱汵???つㄠ?扯???慴牲潩瑥敶湥漠楴摨?搠敥灦潦獥楣瑴椮漠湁??晡汣敵獬桴?煒略慳氬椠琴礵?愹温携?椱洴洵甹渭漱水漶朹椼换慲氾?爦攣猲瀳漳渻獲敥?漭晊?乭椦氣攲″琳椻汮慥灺椠慁?映敃摡?楤湥据牥整慥猠楇測朠?汯敲癡敬汥獳?潁映???呥??捡畬氮琠椲瘰愰琹攮搠??楧?啳汴癩慶??楥??獹灭灡?????灲灯汦?偬桥礠捯潦氠??资???????????づ????搾漠楡?????びば??獳????ㄠ?ど???ひ??ぴ???扥牴?噲慹氠敦湯瑲敭?????偯??刮攠浃慯?偰???敯牣牨慥牭漠?器??敩瑯?愠汐??????愠???漠摉楮湴敥?敲渠牐楨捹桳浩敯湬琬?漱昵?爨愱椩渺戠漱眵?琭爱漶甴琼?晲氾敒獩档?扬祥?摳椠敒琠慅爮礠?猹甹瀶瀮氠敍浯敲湰瑨慯瑭楥潴湲?眠楯瑦栠?瑨桥攠?物敧摥?獴敩慶睥攠整摲??楴??牯慦挠楳汯慭牥椠慐?癳敳牥浲楩据略氠潢灩桲祤汳氮愠??楥????煤畯慲挬甠氹琸用爲攩??????′??监?????扩牴?嘠楈稬挠慙??????渀漀???????攀渀搀攀猀?匀????嘀愀爀攀氀愀??????攀琀?愀氀??? ?????爀漀眀琀栀??琀椀猀猀甀攀?洀攀琀愀戀漀氀椀琀攀猀?愀渀搀?搀椀最攀猀琀椀瘀攀?昀甀渀挀琀椀漀渀愀氀椀琀礀?椀渀??椀?匀瀀愀爀甀猀?愀甀爀愀琀愀??椀??樀甀瘀攀渀椀氀攀猀?昀攀搀?搀椀昀昀攀爀攀渀琀?氀攀瘀攀氀猀?漀昀?洀愀挀爀漀愀氀最愀攀???椀??爀愀挀椀氀愀爀椀愀?挀漀爀渀攀愀??椀??愀渀搀??椀?唀氀瘀愀?爀椀最椀搀愀??椀????焀甀愀挀甀氀琀?刀攀猀?????? ???????????????搀漀椀?? ??????愀爀攀???????戀爀?圀愀栀戀攀栀?????????????洀椀渀漀?愀挀椀搀?愀渀搀?昀愀琀琀礀?愀挀椀搀?瀀爀漀昀椀氀攀猀?漀昀?昀漀甀爀?猀瀀攀挀椀攀猀?漀昀?洀愀挀爀漀愀氀最愀攀?昀爀漀洀??焀愀戀愀?愀渀搀?琀栀攀椀爀?猀甀椀琀愀戀椀氀椀琀礀?昀漀爀?甀猀攀?椀渀?昀椀猀栀?搀椀攀琀猀???焀甀愀挀甀氀琀甀爀攀????????????? ??? ??戀爀?圀愀猀猀攀昀???????氀?匀愀礀攀搀????????匀愀欀爀??????? ?????椀?倀琀攀爀漀挀氀愀搀椀愀??椀???刀栀漀搀漀瀀栀礀琀愀??愀渀搀??椀?甀氀瘀愀??椀????栀氀漀爀漀瀀栀礀琀愀??愀猀?昀攀攀搀?猀甀瀀瀀氀攀洀攀渀琀猀?昀漀爀??甀爀漀瀀攀愀渀?猀攀愀戀愀猀猀???椀??椀挀攀渀琀爀愀爀挀栀甀猀?氀愀戀爀愀砀??椀??????昀爀礀?????瀀瀀氀?倀栀礀挀漀氀???????????????????戀爀?圀漀漀搀氀愀渀搀????????????娀漀漀最攀漀最爀愀瀀栀礀?漀昀?琀栀攀?匀椀最愀渀椀搀愀攀??倀椀猀挀攀猀???愀渀?椀渀琀攀爀瀀爀攀琀愀琀椀漀渀?漀昀?搀椀猀琀爀椀戀甀琀椀漀渀?愀渀搀?爀椀挀栀渀攀猀猀?瀀愀琀琀攀爀渀猀???甀氀氀??愀爀?匀挀椀??????????????戀爀?堀甀?匀栀甀搀攀???椀甀?堀甀攀戀椀渀最??圀愀渀最?匀栀甀焀椀??攀琀?愀氀??? ?????昀昀攀挀琀猀?漀昀?搀椀昀昀攀爀攀渀琀?搀椀攀琀猀?漀渀?最爀漀眀琀栀?瀀攀爀昀漀爀洀愀渀挀攀?愀渀搀?昀氀攀猀栀?瀀爀漀琀攀椀渀?愀渀搀?昀愀琀琀礀?愀挀椀搀?挀漀洀瀀漀猀椀琀椀漀渀?椀渀?樀甀瘀攀渀椀氀攀??椀?匀椀最愀渀甀猀?挀愀渀愀氀椀挀甀氀愀琀甀猀??椀????愀爀椀渀攀??椀猀栀攀爀椀攀猀??椀渀??栀椀渀攀猀攀??????????????????戀爀?堀甀?匀栀甀搀攀??圀愀渀最?匀栀甀焀椀??娀栀愀渀最??椀愀渀最??攀琀?愀氀??? ?????昀昀攀挀琀猀?漀昀?爀攀瀀氀愀挀攀洀攀渀琀?漀昀?搀椀攀琀愀爀礀?昀椀猀栀?漀椀氀?眀椀琀栀?猀漀礀戀攀愀渀?漀椀氀?漀渀?最爀漀眀琀栀?瀀攀爀昀漀爀洀愀渀挀攀?愀渀搀?琀椀猀猀甀攀?昀愀琀琀礀?愀挀椀搀?挀漀洀瀀漀猀椀琀椀漀渀?椀渀?洀愀爀椀渀攀?栀攀爀戀椀瘀漀爀漀甀猀?琀攀氀攀漀猀琀??椀?匀椀最愀渀甀猀?挀愀渀愀氀椀挀甀氀愀琀甀猀??椀????焀甀愀挀甀氀琀?刀攀猀???????????????????戀爀?堀甀?匀栀甀搀攀??娀栀愀渀最??椀愀渀最??圀甀?儀椀渀最礀愀渀最??攀琀?愀氀??? ?????瘀愀氀甀愀琀椀漀渀?漀昀?搀爀椀攀搀?猀攀愀眀攀攀搀??椀??爀愀挀椀氀愀爀椀愀?氀攀洀愀渀攀椀昀漀爀洀椀猀??椀??愀猀?愀渀?椀渀最爀攀搀椀攀渀琀?椀渀?搀椀攀琀猀?昀漀爀?琀攀氀攀漀猀琀?昀椀猀栀??椀?匀椀最愀渀甀猀?挀愀渀愀氀椀挀甀氀愀琀甀猀??椀????焀甀愀挀甀氀琀??渀琀??????????  ??? ???戀爀?堀甀愀渀?堀椀漀渀最稀栀椀??圀攀渀?堀椀愀漀戀漀???椀?匀栀攀渀最欀愀渀最??攀琀?愀氀??? ????倀漀琀攀渀琀椀愀氀?甀猀攀?漀昀?洀愀挀爀漀?愀氀最愀攀??椀??爀愀挀椀氀愀爀椀愀?氀攀洀愀渀攀椀昀漀爀洀椀猀??椀??椀渀?搀椀攀琀猀?昀漀爀?琀栀攀?戀氀愀挀欀?猀攀愀?戀爀攀愀洀???椀??挀愀渀琀栀漀瀀愀最爀甀猀?猀挀栀氀攀最攀氀椀椀??椀???樀甀瘀攀渀椀氀攀???焀甀愀挀甀氀琀甀爀攀???????????????????戀爀?夀攀?圀???愀渀????娀栀甀?堀??攀琀?愀氀??? ?????漀洀瀀愀爀愀琀椀瘀攀?猀琀甀搀椀攀猀?漀渀?搀椀攀琀愀爀礀?瀀爀漀琀攀椀渀?爀攀焀甀椀爀攀洀攀渀琀猀?漀昀?樀甀瘀攀渀椀氀攀?愀渀搀?漀渀?最爀漀眀椀渀最?最椀戀攀氀?挀愀爀瀀???椀??愀爀愀猀猀椀甀猀?愀甀爀愀琀甀猀?最椀戀攀氀椀漀??椀???戀愀猀攀搀?漀渀?昀椀猀栀洀攀愀氀?昀爀攀攀?搀椀攀琀猀???焀甀愀挀甀氀琀?一甀琀爀?????????????????戀爀?夀漀甀??甀椀栀漀渀最??娀攀渀最??愀渀最甀椀??圀愀渀最?匀栀甀焀椀??攀琀?愀氀??? ????倀爀攀昀攀爀攀渀挀攀?漀昀?琀栀攀?栀攀爀戀椀瘀漀爀漀甀猀?洀愀爀椀渀攀?琀攀氀攀漀猀琀??椀?匀椀最愀渀甀猀?挀愀渀愀氀椀挀甀氀愀琀甀猀??椀??昀漀爀?搀椀昀昀攀爀攀渀琀?洀愀挀爀漀愀氀最愀攀????伀挀攀愀渀?唀渀椀瘀??栀椀渀愀?????????????????戀爀?娀栀甀??愀猀栀椀??圀攀渀?堀椀愀漀戀漀??堀甀愀渀?堀椀漀渀最稀栀椀??攀琀?愀氀??? ????吀栀攀?最爀攀攀渀?愀氀最愀??椀?唀氀瘀愀?氀愀挀琀甀挀愀??椀??愀猀?愀?瀀漀琀攀渀琀椀愀氀?椀渀最爀攀搀椀攀渀琀?椀渀?搀椀攀琀猀?昀漀爀?樀甀瘀攀渀椀氀攀?眀栀椀琀攀?猀瀀漀琀琀攀搀?猀渀愀瀀瀀攀爀??椀??甀琀樀愀渀甀猀?猀琀攀氀氀愀琀甀猀??椀???欀愀稀愀欀椀?????瀀瀀氀?倀栀礀挀漀氀?????????? ????????搀漀椀?? ??  ??猀? ???? ??? ?????
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